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Taste of Shambhala: Open House & Community Gathering

September 18th—February 19th

Please join us each Wednesday from 6-8:30pm for food, conversation and meditation at the Shambhala Centre. Meditation instruction provided. Continue »

Krodhikali Lung and Practice

January 24th

Krodhikali Lung at 11:30 am is open to all Vajrayogini Practitioners. Krodhikali practice from 1-3pm is open to those who have received the lung. Continue »

Shambhala Training Level I: The Art of Being Human

with Geoff Crinean

January 25th—January 26th

Discovering Basis Goodness in ourselves and others. A weekend of meditation instruction and practice, teachings and discussions. Continue »

Clarifying the Natural State - A Principal Guidance Manual for Mahamudra

with Acharya Lodro Dorje Holm

January 25th—May 23rd

Discussion and practice based on this classic by Dagpo Tashi Namgyal (1511 - 1587), who was one of the teachers of the Eighth Karmapa Mikyo Dorje, and author of the long text Moonbeams of Mahamudra, as well as texts on the Six Yogas. Open to all Vajraya Continue »


January 25th

*Sold Out * A fine Japanese meal, special sweet, and a bowl of tea in the Yukoan tea room at Halifax Shambhala Centre. Advance reservation required. Continue »

Feast: Khenpo Tsultrim Gyamtso Rinpoche Sadhana of Mahamudra

January 26th

A feast gathering for authorized Sadhakas. Continue »

The Four Limitless Ones

January 28th—March 3rd

The four limitless ones are called "limitless" because they are not bound by ego intention. Each session will include a pre-recorded video talk by Acharyas from different centres as well as practice -- sitting meditation, White Tara and tonglen, and  faci Continue »

Sadhana of Mahamudra Funeral for Sherap Chödzin Kohn

with Larry Mermelstein

January 30th

In memory of Sherap Chödzin Kohn, we will practice the Sadhana of Mahamudra Funeral along with the feast offering at the Halifax Shambhala Centre. Potluck. Open to all. Continue »

Wisdom in Everyday Life

January 30th—February 27th - Date postponed or cancelled

Meditation sharpens our intelligence and uncovers our wisdom. When we touch the world directly, we discover ordinary magic. No longer deterred or depressed by obstacles, we can include everything as part of the path and play with whatever arises. Continue »

Scorpion Seal/ Werma & Ngöndro & Practice Intensive Day

February 1st—April 11th

Group practice for all Werma, Scorpion Seal and Ngöndro practitioners, which will be structured to count as group practice days, or you can come for any session. Continue »

Shambhala Meditation Retreat Morning

February 1st

A full morning of Shambhala Meditation for those who have formally received the practice, i.e. at a Shambhala meditation Weekthun or BG1 class. Continue »

Avalokiteshvara Sadhana Feast

February 2nd

Quarterly feast practice for tantrikas who have received the Avalokiteshavara abhisheka or lung. Continue »

Feast: Chakrasamvara

February 3rd—June 30th

A feast gathering for Chakrasamvara practitioners. Continue »

Departure Directions

with Deborah Luscomb & Dawn Carson

February 8th

An opportunity to consciously contemplate and connect with others around the reality of your mortality, both practical and spiritual, in an environment of openness and kindness. Continue »

Shambhala Sadhana Practice

February 9th

Shambhala Sadhana is a community-wide practice on the full moon of each month as a way to celebrate and strengthen our understanding of basic goodness and enlightened society. Continue »

Mamo Chants: Year End Practice

February 13th—February 22nd

Mamo Chants- Year End Practice Continue »

Feast: Kurukulla

February 16th—June 7th

Feast gathering for all Kurukulla practitioners. Continue »

Feast: Vajrayogini

February 18th—March 18th

Monthly Vajrayogini Sadhana feast practice, open to Sadhakas who have received the Vajrayogini Abhisheka. Continue »

Kasung Don Day Gathering

February 22nd

Yearly Don Day Kasung Gathering. Open to all free of charge. More details coming soon. Continue »

Shambhala Week Sadhana of Mahamudra

February 23rd

Come kick off our Shambhala Day weeklong celebrations with this potent practice, with special readings and toasts. Continue »

Shambhala Day Celebration- The Year of the Iron Mouse

February 24th

Shambhala Day is a time of celebration, nourishment, and community. Continue »

Werma Feast

February 29th—June 16th

Monthly Werma Feast Practice open to all who have attended Rigden Abhisheka or Kalapa Assembly. Continue »

Basic Goodness 2: How Can I Help?

with Shastri Mary Campbell

March 2nd—April 6th

This course asks the question, “How can I help?” and explores our relationships with others and an aspiration to help our world. Meditation practice, talks, discussions, contemplations and experiential learning are all part of this series. Continue »

Shambhala Training Level II: Birth of the Warrior

March 6th—March 8th

In Level 2, we explore how habitual ways of thinking obscure the raw brilliance of the world. We learn how to work with fear and with the obstacles that may have arisen as meditation practice develops. Continue »

Shambhala Meditation Retreat Day

March 7th

A full day of Shambhala Meditation for those who have formally received the practice, i.e. at Shambhala Meditation Weekthun or BG1 class. Continue »

Milarepa Day

March 8th

Celebrate the life of Tibet's most famous yogi with our annual one-day marathon of reading the complete Rain of Wisdom, a gathering of songs of realization by major Kagyu masters, from Tilopa to Trungpa. And including Milarepa of course! Continue »

Chakrasamvara Drupchen

March 9th—March 18th

Drupchen - "great practice" - is a group Chakrasamvara sadhana practice that the Vidyadhara requested to be performed each year after Milarepa Day. Continue »

Joy in Everyday Life

March 12th—April 9th

Compassion, joyous discipline, and healthy energy. Buddhist teachings on aspiring and loving action. Continue »

Feast: Red Jambhala

March 15th—May 3rd

Red Jambhala feast for participants having the corresponding empowerment. Continue »

Shambhala Meditation Retreat Morning

April 4th

A full morning of Shambhala Meditation for those who have formally received the practice, i.e. at a Shambhala meditation Weekthun or BG1 class. Continue »

Shambhala Training Level III: Warrior in the World

April 17th—April 19th

When we become awake to our sense perceptions, we can venture into the world with confidence and a vulnerability that is fearless, gentle, and alive. Continue »

Shambhala Meditation Retreat Day

May 2nd

A full day of Shambhala Meditation for those who have formally received the practice, i.e. at Shambhala Meditation Weekthun or BG1 class. Continue »

Shambhala Training Level IV: Awakened Heart

May 15th—May 17th

As we trust further in basic goodness and dare to experience the sharp edge of reality, we move forward with gentleness, increased awareness, and inquisitiveness about the world as it is. We find that we can extend ourselves to others fully with kindness. Continue »

Shambhala Training Level I: The Art of Being Human

May 30th—May 31st

Through the practice of meditation, we glimpse unconditional goodness as the ground of our existence. Opening to ourselves with gentleness and appreciation, we begin to see our potential as genuine and compassionate human beings. Continue »

Shambhala Training Level V: Open Sky

June 12th—June 14th

Communicating with the world gently and fearlessly, our awareness is sharpened and we find the open clear sky of mind, a delightful source of wisdom and uplifted energy. We learn to trust our nature enough to let go into the present moment. Continue »