• We are offering in-person gatherings and programming.  Please do not attend if you are feeling unwell. Many recurring events and classes are still held online via zoom.

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Casting Indra’s Net: Fostering Spiritual Kinship and Community - Book Class

November 20th—March 4th

Alternate Mondays, November 20th to March 4th, 6:30pm to 8pm Halifax Shambhala Centre Facilitators: Basia Solarz and Ron Renz 8 in-person* sessions of discussion and practice to lessen reactivity, polarization and othering, and to strengthen our inhere Continue »

Spend 2024 with Pema Chödrön

January 7th—October 13th

Join us in person for 4 live video calls with beloved Buddhist author and teacher, Pema Chödrön over the course of the year. During these 75-minute calls, Pema will take questions from people around the world. Continue »

Monthly New Moon Sadhana of Mahamudra

January 11th—June 6th

This practice will be offered both in-person at either the HSC or KCCL, as well as, online on Ocean. Continue »

Fireside Chat

February 25th—April 13th

All are invited to Fireside Discussions on Self Governance at the HSC. Continue »

Werma Feast

February 28th

Wednesday February 28th at 6pm in the Drala Shrine Room at the Halifax Shambhala Centre Continue »

Bass Clarinet and Cello Concert

March 16th

We will enjoy a bass clarinet and cello concert in the Main Shrine Room featuring India Gailey and Jeff Reilly on Saturday, March 16 at 7 pm. Continue »

Glimpses of Mahayana Book Class

March 18th—April 15th

“In daily life we don’t have to create the concept of letting go, of being free, or anything like that at all. We can just acknowledge the freedom that was already there - and just by the memory of it, just by the idea of it, there is a quick glimpse. Continue »

Darkness, Emptiness, Luminosity: A Journey Into the Mirror

April 19th—April 20th

In this program we will investigate ways to overcome the materialism and ignorance that shroud shunyata, using powerful methods from Mahayana Buddhism and various contemporary approaches. With Andy Karr. Continue »

Lineage III for Children Ages 11-14

April 21st—May 26th

Sundays, April 21-May 26, 11am to 12noon Open to new and continuing students. Each class begins with a brief meditation, walking meditation session, then story and drawing along with reading roles, singing lineage songs, map games and origami! Continue »