Welcome to the Halifax Shambhala Centre!

The Halifax Shambhala Centre is part of international community of urban and rural meditation centres, offering public meditation, a curriculum of Shambhala Buddhist teachings, and a myriad of educational, artistic, cultural, family and community activities that help people of all traditions discover their inherent sanity, gentleness and humour.  More »

Here at our local Halifax Shambhala Centre, we are committed to offering teachings on meditation with the view of fundamental worthiness, and goodness.  All are welcome!

New to the Halifax Shambhala Centre?

Many of our community have heard that the worldwide Shambhala community is going through a challenging time.  Learn more.  During this time, the Halifax Centre offers support to the community and continues to offer classes, retreats, and meditations.



Featured Programs and Events (more »)

Contentment in Everyday Life

with Shastri Mary Campbell & Cynthia Levine

November 14th—December 12th

This introductory class provides an exploration of genuine contentment through the study of foundational Buddhist teachings. With meditation, we can learn to appreciate ourselves and simple human experiences, free from self-aggression. Continue »

Refuge Vow Ceremony

with Acharya Noel McLellan

November 16th

Refuge Vow Ceremony - open to the public. For those who wish to take the vow, there are preparatory classes listed separately here: https://halifax.shambhala.org/program-details/?id=404096 Continue »

Learning to Live Mindfully: Cultivating Kindness

with Shastri Mary Campbell

November 18th

This workshop will introduce basic mindfulness awareness meditation practice and a loving kindness contemplation practice as ways to cultivate kindness to oneself, others and our world. Open to everyone! Continue »

Tonglen Instruction and Practice

with Acharya Eve Rosenthal

December 2nd—December 9th

Usually, we look away when we see someone suffering. Their pain brings up our fear or anger; it brings up our resistance and confusion. Tonglen is a skillful method we can learn to expand our compassion and our ability to be there for others. Open to al Continue »