Live Sunday morning meditation in the Centre resumes, 9:00am-12 noon.

Welcome to the Halifax Shambhala Centre

The Halifax Shambhala Centre is part of international community of urban and rural meditation centres, offering public meditation, a curriculum of Shambhala Buddhist teachings, and a variety of educational, artistic, cultural, family and community activities that help people of all traditions discover their inherent sanity, gentleness and humour.  More »

Here at our local Halifax Shambhala Centre, we are committed to offering teachings on meditation with the view of fundamental worthiness, and goodness.  All are welcome!

Featured Programs and Events (more »)

The Path of Meditation in Everyday Life

with Shastri Robert Gailey

March 3rd—May 5th

This series of talks and guided meditations on Zoom are intended as an introduction to the practice of mindfulness meditation joined with an exploration of themes relevant to our everyday lives. Continue »

The Practice of Taking Refuge

with Kathryn Heckman

March 4th—April 15th

"The Practice of Taking Refuge: Arousing the Motivation for True Freedom from Samsara,"  by Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche, text will be shared onscreen. Continue »

New Moon Sadhana of Mahamudra

March 13th—April 12th

Monthly Sadhana of Mahamudra for all Continue »

Shambhala Training Level II

March 19th—March 21st

In Level 2, we explore how habitual ways of thinking obscure the raw brilliance of the world. We learn how to work with fear and with the obstacles that may have arisen as meditation practice develops. Continue »

Contentment in Everyday Life 2021

with Carolyn Mandelker & Fredo Villemure

April 8th—May 6th

This introductory class, to be held in-person at the Shambhala Centre, provides an exploration of genuine contentment through the study of foundational Buddhist teachings. Continue »


In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Halifax Shambhala Centre location will be CLOSED until further notice, with exceptions for specific meditations and events.

– Online meditation – unless others noted, all meditation sessions, gatherings, and classes are taking place online using Zoom.  Please refer to the introductory programs and full programs listing pages for more information. 

Online Community Resources – For  information on online meditation resources and ways to connect with community, please refer to the online resources page.

  • Sunday Meditation at the Centre

      NEW – Beginning on January 3rd, Sunday morning sittings will continue in person at the centre.  (Note that, except for the Sunday sitting, other classes are continuing online with Zoom.)   Provincial Covid restrictions are currently allowing us to go back to having 12 to 15 people at a time in the Centre shrine room. … Continue