Welcome to the Halifax Shambhala Centre

The Halifax Shambhala Centre is part of international community of urban and rural meditation centres, offering public meditation, a curriculum of Shambhala Buddhist teachings, and a myriad of educational, artistic, cultural, family and community activities that help people of all traditions discover their inherent sanity, gentleness and humour.  More 

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Introduction to Buddhism and the Refuge Vow

with Acharya Eve Rosenthal

March 25th

This session is for those who want to learn more about the core principles of Buddhism and what it means to become a Buddhist by taking the Refuge Vow. Continue »

Learn to Live Mindfully: Working with Strong Emotions

with Shastri Mary Campbell

March 27th

Queer Dharma Gathering

March 30th

Our monthly LGBTQ+ meditation practitioners' gathering. Continue »

Parinirvana Day Sadhana of Mahamudra Feast - Open to All

April 4th

To commemorate the passing of the Venerable Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche. Continue »

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  • sm_weekend6-221x300

    Proclaiming Humanity’s Goodness

      by Michelle Munro On February 3-5th we had the pleasure of hosting the Sakyong at the Halifax Shambhala Centre, where he led a program titled “Proclaiming Humanity’s Goodness: Shambhala Meditation.” As a Centre we are always delighted to have Rinpoche be with us and teach us. Leading up to this public program we were … Continue 

  • candle light

    What is Children’s Day?

    Here’s a brief description of Children’s Day, written by Acharya Noel MacLellan: Children’s Day is a celebration of the Winter Solstice in the Shambhala Tradition. This is a time of year when the days have been getting shorter and shorter, but now will begin to grow longer again, so we celebrate the return of the … Continue 

  • lisa-family

    Welcome To Our New Membership Coordinator!

    Introducing our new Membership Coordinator, Lisa Stickler Name Lisa Lee Steckler (Libra-just turned 39) How long you been in town? Just over a year. Moved from Vancouver with husband Dylan Smith, son Toby (age 4) and had Charlie (9 months) not long after we moved. And we were recently joined by my mom who moved here from Montana. … Continue 


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