The Halifax Shambhala Centre welcomes people from all walks of life to learn meditation and participate in a wide variety of programs, classes, and community events. As a non-profit, the Centre is entirely supported by the generosity and commitment of its members and friends.

Membership means being part of a diverse community of people who practice meditation as a path to contentment, joy, bravery and kindness in everyday life.  Becoming a member of the Centre is a way of expressing your personal appreciation for all the Shambhala path offers to you and helping to make it available for others.

Membership is open to everyone, regardless of nationality, race, ethnicity, gender, age, sexual orientation, physical or perceptual ability, income, or political, social or religious views and beliefs.  Although membership is not required to participate in much of what the Centre has to offer, without our community’s financial and volunteer support, we would not be able to offer all the wonderful programs, practice sessions, and events that we do.

Membership includes these areas of engagement and support:

  • Practicing meditation – Shambhala members engage regularly in meditation and contemplative practice and strive to integrate their practice into everyday life. Regular practice is the best way for all of us to support our Shambhala community, our world and ourselves.

  • Volunteering – Shambhala members offer volunteer service at the Centre according to their inspiration, talents and time. Volunteering puts our meditation into action and makes a vital contribution to Centre programs and events.

  • Providing financial support – Shambhala members contribute dues and donations to provide the Centre with a stable revenue base. The Centre relies on regular, recurring monthly dues to cover most of its operating costs. Giving is part of our practice of generosity.
  • The Code of Conduct applies to everyone in Shambhala and at every activity sponsored by Shambhala. The Code of Conduct is an offering by and for the community, as a collective commitment to the quality of the environment we seek to establish and maintain for ourselves and provide for our guests and new members. In this way, the Code is a mirror, a map, or a guide. How effective it is depends upon the users. 

See below, how to join, and our membership coordinator will be in touch with you.  Also, you may contact us to receive more information.

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How to Join

You can become a member and contribute dues or donations through any of the following simple means:

  1. Use our Online Membership Form (recommended – quick and easy)

    This form allows you to sign up for membership and provides the option to contribute monthly donations via your bank account or with a credit cards.  Note that regular monthly donations can be changed or cancelled at any time.

    – OR –

  2. Contact our Centre Director or Finance Manager by email

     – OR –

  3. Visit the Centre in person and fill out a membership form.  Find out more about information our location and hours.

How to Donate

  • Consider also offering your support for our local meditation centre and activities with a one-time donation:


Recommended Contributions

The Halifax Shambhala Centre welcomes members to contribute monthly dues in any amount of their choice. We offer the following recommendations as a general guide, based on 0.1% of annual income:

  • Student / Low Income = $10 to $30 per month
  • Average income = $40 to $90 per month
  • Higher income = $100 and up per month

Monthly dues can be paid in a variety of ways (automatic bank withdrawal or credit card). Please note that you can increase or decrease your monthly contributions at any time if your financial circumstances change.  Annual or one-time donations are also greatly appreciated.

All financial contributions to the centre are tax deductible. Tax receipts are provided annually.   If you have questions and/or wish to make a personal arrangement for dues and donations, please contact the Finance Office by phone or email.


Benefits of Membership

Connecting with our centre’s community, in this way, helps support your practice and strengthen your understanding of Shambhala Buddhism.  Benefits include:

  • Meditation Instruction – ongoing, personal instruction with a qualified and experienced meditation instructor
  • Member Communications – Halifax Centre email notices about programs and special events
  • International Announcements – Shambhala International news services and announcements
  • Local Centre Library – access to the Centre’s library of books, videos and recordings
  • Centre Governance – eligibility to participate in Centre governance
  • Tax Receipts – charitable donation tax receipts
  • Joy & Merit! – of helping the tradition of meditation to flourish and benefit others


Next, learn more about volunteering and activites at the centre and see what may be of interest.  Please contact the centre to learn more or offer to assist.

Welcome to the Halifax Shambhala Community!