Spend 2024 with Pema Chödrön

January 7th—October 13th

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  • $100 Program Price
  • $125 Patron Price
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Room: Main Shrine Room


Join us in person for 4 live video calls with beloved Buddhist author and teacher, Pema
Chödrön over the course of the year. During these 75-minute calls, Pema will take
questions from people around the world.

Halifax Shambhala Centre will host a group viewing of these video calls, along with
regular opportunities to meet and discuss core themes Pema presents.

Gatherings are scheduled below.

All are welcome to attend any part of this year-long program. If you need to pay per
event, please contact Deborah Luscomb <[email protected]>

Dates of VIDEO calls and DISCUSSIONS together – Save these dates!

February 18 discussion circle at 2pm, and Prajna Studios sent us a new 17 min. clip of Pema talking about 3 ways to work with emotions.

Pema is teaching on “Taking a Mindful Gap”, excerpted from Turn Your World Around: Three Steps for Emotional Transformation:
What are the causes of our suffering, and what can we do to lessen them—and in turn, lessen our suffering? Buddhist teachings offer a unique perspective on the nature of human suffering and brilliant teachings and practices for working with it. In this video clip, Pema introduces a practice that she uses and teaches regularly in order to not let our kleshas—our afflictive emotions—carry us away.

March  17 discussion circle at 2pm

April 14 live video call #2 with Pema on Working with Difficult Emotions, 1:30pm

May 19 replay of video at 12:30pm followed by discussion circle at 2pm

June 16 discussion circle at 2pm

July 28 live video call #3 with Pema on Compassion in the Challenge Zone, 1:30pm

August 18 replay of video at 12:30pm followed by discussion circle at 2pm

September 15 discussion circle at 2pm

October 13 live video call #4 with Pema on How we Live is How we Die, 1:30pm