A Day at the Halifax Shambhala Centre

We wanted to share this video snapshot of a summer day at the Halifax Shambhala Centre at Harvest of Peace, but due to the power outage, we were not able to show it.  We hope you enjoy! ~HSC staff   Check out other videos from Harvest of Peace here.

All the Videos you Missed at HOP, and our Fundraising Results

We had a very successful Harvest of Peace today. We gathered outside and shared a delicious spread of potluck foods. After lunch, just as we were about to begin the video presentations, the power on the block went off and we had to begin improvising. We were introduced to the Rites of Warriorship Graduates and … Continue 

A Harvest of Peace Teaching: Generosity Beyond Doubt

On Saturday afternoon, the Halifax Shambhala Community will gather for our annual Harvest of Peace celebration, a time when we get together to enjoy each others company, our Shambhala teachings and culture, and often, to make a donation to support our local center and global Shambhala community. (LEARN MORE about Harvest of Peace here.) Being asked … Continue 

Why are people mumbling more these days?

by Carolyn Mandelker, Executive Director of Shambhala (and professional audiologist) Do you experience any of the following? That people seem to be mumbling more than they used to? That some people’s voices are consistently harder for you to hear than other people’s ? That you have a particularly difficult time hearing in noisy environments? That … Continue