Halifax Shambhala Centre Commenting Policy

Halifax Shambhala Centre Commenting Policy

The Halifax Shambhala Centre is increasing efforts to strengthen our Commenting Policy to support our Mission Statement. The goal is to raise the level of discourse in blog and social netrwork comments, part of which involves protecting users from language that is aggressive and harmful to individuals or groups within society.

As a courtesy to other users of our blog and social media presence, we ask that you keep comments to approximately 200 words or less. Corrections for errors made in our posts are welcome and appreciated. We ask that you be cordial in doing so.

The editors make every effort to protect our online social networks from comments, photographs, images or any other communications that the editors deem harmful to individuals or groups within society.

Individuals posting comments that are deemed to be inappropriate more than three times, in violation of the guidelines below, will be blocked and no longer allowed to comment. When comments are not in regard to the content of the article they will be removed.

We protect the Halifax Shambhala Centre web site & blog from the following:

  • Aggressive language directed against other commenters, the post author, individuals or groups, either within the Shambhala community or beyond.
  • Swearing and related censor bypass attempts, lewdness, insults, and crude terms for body parts, bodily functions, and physical acts. Overall, our intention is to help ensure that all material appearing on The Shambhala Times is in accord with Shambhala decorum.
  • Extensive use of text message-type spelling, and texts written mostly or entirely in capital letters.
  • Use of Spam-type links or self-advertsing and promotion.
  • Use of inappropriate avatars.

If you see comments that violate our policy, please flag them and/or contact us.  This policy is always available at the bottom of the site.

To read more information about the Shambhala Care and Conduct process, please click here.