All the Videos you Missed at HOP, and our Fundraising Results

We had a very successful Harvest of Peace today. We gathered outside and shared a delicious spread of potluck foods. After lunch, just as we were about to begin the video presentations, the power on the block went off and we had to begin improvising. We were introduced to the Rites of Warriorship Graduates and new Centre Members. This year we had 34 people become members, and several of them were with us today to receive pins. Throughout the event the sounds of children playing games and enjoying the company of their friends was heard.

Thanks to Walker, Ethan, and Cliff, we were able to get a bluetooth speaker connected to a laptop and played the audio from the videos without electricity coming into the building. I’ve posted them here in case you missed the event, or would like to see them.

After the videos we we began the unified fundraiser with our traditional song. It is posted below for you to share with all your friends who missed it. You will notice early in the song after we sing the word, “sunshine”, the lights came back on suddenly. (They flickered some more and went out again, soon afterward.)

We had a delightful fundraiser hosted by Gabe Donnelly and Jeff Torbert, and want to thank everyone for your support, and energy. Some people donated services such as a swing dance lesson and providing a home-cooked Indian meal for 6. We had bids for everything from drawing seed syllables on mustard seeds to analyzing data for the Ecology Action Centre (they don’t know about this one yet!). In total we raised $21,202. (I am updating this figure as more money comes in.) The generosity of the community was wonderful. We made a mistake in hearing some of the bids as they came in, but even though the amount we raised was less than we thought it is a great contribution to the mandala.

Our goal this year is $32,500. We still need $11,298 to maintain the same level of support to the centre of the mandala that our members were able to offer last year, and to keep the Halifax centre and the North End group on stable footing for the remainder of 2014. Please donate if you can!

We’ve made it easy. Just click here and you can fill out a form online. Or, if you prefer, please feel free to give Bob Hastey a call at 902-420-1118 ext. 113. donate_ad

As the fundraiser came to an end. We sang the anthem and ended with the words “Great Eastern Sun”, on came the lights again! It seemed almost as if it had been planned.

Thank you to Hamish Anderson for coordinating the event and all of the volunteers who helped set up, clean up, organize activities for children, and helped make the day such a success!

Thanks again to everyone for your support and please enjoy the fall!

Warmly, Rhiannon


UPDATE: We have one more video that we were not able to share at HOP because of the power outage. It is now posted here.

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