Tribute to Zoë Nudell

Zoe by JuliaZoe by Marvin

Members of the Halifax Shambhala Community and friends everywhere are devastated by the loss of our dear sangha friend, Zoë Nudell. Zoë was struck by a drunk driver while jogging in Hamilton, Ontario. So much can be said about Zoë, and we ask you to share your memories here.

Poem by Julia Sable:

“A 33-old jogger was struck by a car.”
Zoe, how could this have been you,
The intense life inside you,
The love and passion,
The joy and creativity,
Uncertainty and intensity,
in a moment?

Your story will not end
but continues in the threads of our lives,
the many, many who loved you.

We can all be a little outrageousZoe ikebana
a little brave,
a little witty,
a little passionate,
a little vulnerable,
in your memory.

We will dance wildly with you,
Percieve the world vividly
Feel its poetry and art
And love each other.

We will share
All you have given us.
You gave so much.
Good bye, my dearest heart friend.190150_10151159569230358_2089231768_n DSC_1785         DSC_1229 DSC_1212DSC_1332

22 thoughts on “Tribute to Zoë Nudell

  1. I found this today in a letter Zoë wrote me years ago when she was traveling in Europe.

    “I have been missing my friends. Not in a teary way or not exactly in a ‘want to see them way’. I can’t quite grab how it is. Maybe it’s that space makes room for appreciation. Yes I do think that’s a lot of it. I already knew all of you were special – the cream of the f***ing crop in fact – and I knew you meant a lot to me but somehow it is as if I am watching clips of slow motion film – mute and in colour. And I can see you all in silence. I can see you move, smile. I can see how beautiful you all are dammit! (And I think you know I’m not talking of the body I think we were good at our relationships too.) And where I am now I am really beginning to understand how vital working healthy relationships are and how difficult to be mature enough to form and keep them.”

    I can see you, Zoë. You are beautiful.

  2. so shocked to see you go this soon. Just yesterday I babysat you, you babysat my daughter. You helped your mother on her final journey with such grace and open heart. You inherited her art but produced it in your own style. We will hold your father and Ben in our hearts, we can only imagine their grief laced with pride in who you are and appreciation for your love given to them.

  3. Zoe was a Renaissance woman, so skilled in everything–from art to athletics–but perhaps her greatest gift was her strong, warm, confident and joyous presence that radiated exuberance to everyone, that cheered everyone.
    She was of that first class of the Shambhala School, when we started out w/ 20 some mostly sangha kids in Halifax 1993. She participated in everything with ease, brilliance, and joyful commaraderie. She loved enacting the Shakespeare Comedies at Pt. Pleasant Park in particular.
    She built boats at the Sea School, sailed, and trained young sailors.
    For years her outrageous ikebana arrangements with bits of plastic, wood, and/or wire along with flowers startled us into AWAKE at the Halifax Shambhala Centre.
    During the Sakyong’s Being Brave a few summers ago in Halifax, Zoe stayed at the HSC creating an art camp for kids, making amazing creations with the children, creations that lingered and delighted us for quite a while after the program ended.
    Her so confident, bright presence still radiates, every time we bring her to mind.

  4. So, so sorry for your loss. And Zoë, may you remember the 3 jewels, may you travel unafraid, may the Buddhas and the Bodhisattvas guide your way on.

  5. Dear Friends and Family of Zoe,

    The Nova Scotia Sea School will also be hosting a gathering from 3pm – 6pm at the Pavilion on the Commons on Tuesday November 5th prior to the ceremony at the Shambhala centre. This is an open invitation to all friends and family of Zoe.

    As part of this gathering we will host a ‘candle talk’ where friends and family can share Zoe’s wisdom and celebrate her amazing life. There will also be opportunities to create a collaborative art project for Zoe and to hang her original artwork for display. If you have any of Zoe’s artwork you would like to share, please bring it along so we can colour the pavilion with Zoe.

    The Shambhala Centre is a 15 minute walk (1.8km) from the Pavilion and we welcome you to join us for a walk in silence from the Pavilion to the centre at 6:15.

    This will be a potluck style gathering (finger foods please) and beverages will be provided.

    LOCATION: The Pavilion is where our program ‘The Spot’ runs and it is also the location of the all ages band concerts typically. It is a square building with large murals spray painted on its sides. (adjacent to the skate park – Cogswell St. and Robie St.)

    PARKING: You can likely find parking on Cogswell st. or around Citadel High School. There are limited spaces available at the Pavilion itself so please prepare to park elsewhere.

    EASELS: If you have an extra easel to help us display the artwork please bring it along.

  6. beloved child of the dharma, precious Zoe beautiful, running with the children in the of Frog and out of the front and back lawns. growing into a lovely women -Your gracious way touched my heart. Precious child of the dharma be well.

    May the Buddhas, bodhisattvas, warriors guide you along your way. May the blessing of glorious Vidyadhara protect you and illuminate your tremendous goodness May Dzongsar’s blessing be recognized by this young one. You are loved Zoe and deep in our hearts.

  7. On behalf of the Department of English and Cultural Studies here at McMaster, I’m writing to convey our sorrow on learning the news of Zoe Nudell’s death last week here in Hamilton.

    My connection with Ben Gallagher is as supervisor for his MA thesis. Ben is a simply wonderful person and student, and is very quickly becoming a much-valued, loved, and respected member of our community here. Our hearts go out to him and to all of the family and friends in Halifax who are mourning the untimely loss of Zoe.

    Please know, too, that we will do our utmost to support Ben in the coming months.

    Wishing you peace, and sending our kindest thoughts.

  8. It’s heart wrenching to hear Zoë’s voice again knowing that she’s gone, but this is also such a great reminder of why we loved her so much.

    Mindful magazine recently did a story on the Nova Scotia Sea School. We interviewed Zoë. Here’s an audio clip from the interview and a few words from our editor-in-chief, Barry Boyce, and the writer who interviewed Zoë, associate editor, Carsten Knox.

    Quote from Zoë on the Sea School experience: “The point of being mindful is to recognize how basically good the most ordinary things are. If you think of yourself as totally ordinary and therefore think that you’re not worth much, it’s great to be in an environment where you’re suddenly allowed to just exist and shine in your sheer, simple existence.”

  9. Ah Zoey, I am crushed. Just learned of this last night, being absorbed the last two weeks with my own mother’s sudden departure. But somewhere Zoe, I know that spirit is smiling, helping someone, figuring something out, or just being interested in what they are doing; Like you did when you would trudge along with me to hockey games in our first year of grad school. Rest on my wonderful friend, your work is done.

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