Community of Kindness

with Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche

July 6th—July 8th

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  • $250 Program Price
  • $300 Patron Price
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Room: Main Shrine Room

Join Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche in Halifax for the first-ever Sadhana of Kindness program, co-taught with Acharya Eve Rosenthal. This interactive weekend program will include: transmission and guided practice of the Sadhana of Kindness, Shambhala Meditation, and additional new teachings by the Sakyong.

This program is open to members of the Halifax Shambhala Centre (or other local centres for those travelling for this program). Besides centre membership, there are no other prerequisites. Until now, this practice has been offered only in closed, advanced practice programs. We invite you to join the Sakyong and HSC for this historic weekend.

About the Program

The core practice of the weekend will be the Sadhana of Kindness, a new Shambhala practice that was composed by Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche in winter 2017 at Kalapa Valley in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. The moon is the central visualization in this sadhana. Participants will receive the moon transmission during a practice session guided by the Sakyong.

Additionally, Acharya Eve Rosenthal will offer the transmission of Shambhala Meditation during the program’s opening session.

About the Practice

Of the Sadhana of Kindness, the Sakyong explained, “You can feel kindness when you walk into a space, just like you can feel aggression. It takes strength to look at another and hold them without accepting or rejecting. The word kin means family. It is connected with the notion of rigden, ‘possessor of the family of awakened ones.’ Can we hold the human family in our heart? Because we are such a diverse culture—and becoming more so in Shambhala—it is very easy to see the differences between people. Kindness undercuts that. It is the foundation of Shambhala itself.”


Due to the high costs of hosting a program like this, we are asking for a minimum of $125, but this minimum is in no way meant to discourage people from attending.  We are happy to make a payment plan with you In order to reserve your spot, you must pay when you register or make an arrangement with Aimee. Please contact Aimee Silver to arrange a payment plan if need be. Her contact information is [email protected] or 902-420-1118 x 113

This program will fill up, only spots that have been paid will be reserved.