Mamo Chants- Year End Practice

January 25th—February 3rd

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    Room: Main Shrine Room
    As we transition from the Year of the Earth Dog to the new Year of the Earth Boar, traditional year end Mamo Chants practice will occur nightly at 6PM.  Open to all.
    The first night will open with a talk by Walker Blaine, which is highly reccommended to all!

    "The transition from one year of activity to the next holds great power and is especially meaningful and important to pay attention to. In Shambhala, the traditional time we mark the end of the year is the eleven days before Shambhala Day. This is a time when we focus on having good conclusions to our activity from the past year, and where we create the good conditions that enable us to enter the next year with a sense of clarity and strength.

    Spiritually, the end of the year is a time to apply ourselves to meditation practices connected with overcoming obstacles. Generally speaking, these are the protector practices. Tibetan monasteries do intensive protector practices at this time, calling on the energies of awakenment to overcome both seen and unseen obstacles to compassionate activity. In Shambhala, our end of year practices are sometimes called “mamo chants,” which refers to the title of a protector chant we do intensively during this period. Mamos are a personification of the elements, which can become imbalanced and harmful at times of transition or societal change. The mamo chants are like a request to heal whatever imbalances have accumulated over the past year.
    Taken from an article by Walker Blaine from the Shambhala Times, read more of the article here: