Warrior Day Practices

with Torgny Vigerstad

September 10th—December 16th (2017)

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    Recently inspired by a discussion at the recent Rigden Abisheka by Acharya Dapon Noel MacLellan on Shambhala culture and the issue of how we look at time and scheduling, I have decided to organize a practice which is appropriate to be done on the Warrior Days in the Shambhala practice calendar. We will be doing either the Dorje Dradul Sadhana, the Magyal Pomra Sadhana or Stroke Practice. The Stroke Practice is open to anyone who has attended Warrior Assembly. I would also be thrilled if anyone else wanted to share the responsibility to make this happen, but I am committed.  I look forward to practicing with you.


    Torgny Vigerstad, Rupon

    White Deer Regiment Education Officer


     Warrior Days for 2017


    10th - Dorje Dradul Sadhana** 7-8:30pm

    19th - Magyal Pomra Sadhana** 5-6pm ( scheduled earlier so people can attend Werma Feast afterward)

    29th - Stroke of Ashe 7-8:30pm


    9 - Dorje Dradul Sadhana

    18 - Magyal Pomra Sadhana

    29 - Stroke


    7 - Dorje Dradul Sadhana

    17 - Magyal Pomra Sadhana

    27 - Stroke


     7 - Dorje Dradul Sadhana

    16 -Magyal Pomra Sadhana

    27 - Stroke

     **These practices require specific transmissions and pre-requisites to practice

    Restricted to those who have the appropriate transmissions