Important and Exciting News

Dear Friends of the Halifax Shambhala Centre,

I’m writing you today with some very exciting news for the Halifax Shambhala Centre and our larger mandala. The Sakyong was recently in residence in Halifax and is now ready to make a big announcement: He is establishing the Kalapa Centre in downtown Halifax, auspiciously in the building at the corner of Lower Water Street and Sackville Avenue called “Sovereign Place”.

The Kalapa Centre will house:

• The Office of the Sakyong

• The International Offices of Shambhala, moving from the 2nd Floor on Tower Rd. (The Archives and Tea Room would remain on Tower Road.)

• The Mukpo Family Office (managing the personal finances and affairs of the Mukpo family)

• Kalapa Media: Communications and Media for the Sakyong. (not to be confused with Shambhala Media, which will remain in its present location on Agricola Street). Within Kalapa Media, we will be bringing in Centre East Media, in their support capacity for the lineage.

The Kalapa Centre is expected to open shortly after Shambhala Day, 2015.

Please stay tuned for further information!

What does this mean for the Halifax Shambhala Centre?

The Halifax Centre has grown substantially. There are more ideas for events and programs and requests for space than the building can handle in its current configuration. Releasing the international offices held by Shambhala on the 2nd floor will create opportunities for growth and different usage of space. It will allow Halifax the freedom to better serve existing members, to develop new activities and create different kinds of spaces, thereby opening new avenues of communication within the greater Halifax community. While the departure of the Shambhala staff from Tower Road will leave a revenue gap initially, cost saving measures will be put in place and replacement revenue will grow as the new spaces are developed. The Sakyong and the leadership are working with the Halifax Centre to make the transition as smooth as possible for everyone.

Please save the date—January 31—to join the Halifax Shambhala community in an information session and an opportunity to explore the possibilities this could open up for the Halifax Shambhala Centre. Please watch for a letter from me inviting you to attend this gathering and participating in a survey to gather feedback and ideas.

I look forward to exploring how we can better serve the Halifax community with you as all of this unfolds

Yours in Service,

Rhiannon Wells

5 thoughts on “Important and Exciting News

    • Hi Pamela,
      We do have a 20hr/week position that is unfilled right now, but we may change the position based on all of these changes, so we have not posted it yet. Stay tuned!

  1. I’m delighted to hear there is the ability to meet new needs, and to have specialized spaces. I’m happy for the Halifax Shambhala Centre’s grant of new space, and for existence of the Sakyong’s own center, which will help extend his message, and stgrenghten the lineage. K2S2

  2. Dear Rhiannon,

    I’m delighted to hear of the initiatives described above and wish the Halifax Shambhala Centre the very best during it’s transition. May this be thoroughly invigorating, with more new energy”at the top”, just as you have so ably provided in your role. Good wishes! KI KI SO SO!

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