Impermanence Strikes Again

head shot_2Before the fall programming season begins, I will be stepping down as the Way of Shambhala Program Manager.

Since having the good fortune to attend Sacred World Assembly at Shambhala Mountain Centre this summer, the dralas have been sending powerful (& frequent!) messages that there is something else they want me to do and this is something in which I have complete trust. It’s not an easy thing to step into this open space, but I feel completely supported by Rhiannon, Jeff, and the rest of the staff, just as I have been for the last two years. We are truly fortunate to have such incredible leadership at our Centre and I feel so blessed to have worked this closely with them. Through their example, I have learned so much about how to hold a seat at the centre of the mandala with strength, compassion, prajna and grace. Their true dedication and deep devotion to the lineage has been incredibly inspiring and helpful in taking the next steps on my practice path. We are so blessed that our Shambhala culture is one that recognizes and supports the benefit of retreating periodically in order to better serve the next time one steps forward again.

Working for Shambhala has been my dream for some time. As you know, I LOVE the job of Way of Shambhala Program Manager and I’m so grateful I had the opportunity to do it for two years. Working for Shambhala has cemented the notion that I am a ‘lifer’ and I look forward to the next opportunity I have to work for the mandala. In the meantime, I am looking forward to the new challenge of ngondro practice, and the opportunity to fully relate to the physical & emotional karma it brings up. The Sakyong has promised to offer Rigden Abhisheka in 2015 if at least 100 of us who were at Sacred World Assembly complete our ngondro this year…. Challenge accepted! :)

Although it’s always hard to step out of a position within Shambhala, and it gives rise to powerful feelings on the part of the person leaving, those staff members staying, and the community at large, this feels like an auspicious time for the Centre. Having both the Community and Culture Administrator position and the WOS Program Manager position vacant at the same time affords an opportunity that feels fresh and open. This is very exciting to me! I have full confidence in our leadership team and feel Rhiannon has a special gift when it comes to knowing whom to hire (although perhaps I’m biased because she hired me and my boss Jeff Scott, who I absolutely adore!).

I look forward to welcoming the new staff and I plan to stay on to help during the transition as long as I’m needed. I hope I am able to offer as much support and friendship to the next Way of Shambhala Program Manager as my wonderful predecessor, Michelle Munro, has given me… that’s a tall order, believe me!

I’m looking forward to volunteering wherever I’m needed over the coming year and I’m particularly excited to now have the time to participate in the upcoming Ritual Academy. Thank you for your tremendous support over the last two years. I look forward to serving alongside you all soon.

This morning, there was this little message from the dralas on the Sakyong’s Facebook page…. A quote from the Vidyadhara Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche, “The point of Shambhala vision is to benefit others.” Underneath someone had written the comment, “and to do whatever it takes to be able to do so.” I hope in stepping down to focus on practice this is what I’m doing.

With love & appreciation,
Angie Fenwick Gibb

14 thoughts on “Impermanence Strikes Again

  1. Expressed with extraordinary grace, Angie.
    Please accept my heartfelt appreciation for all that you have done for this centre. May the coming year bring success on the path.

  2. I heartily second Jeanne’s remarks, Angie. Your service has had impact due to your your devotion to the lineage, the view, and your practice path.
    You have my deep appreciation and gratitude.
    Warmest best wishes as you take the next steps!

  3. Sorry to see you leave, Angie! With your kindness, patience, charm and such obvious goodness, you are the example warrior for the path of Shambhala! They all signed up because they want to be like you….

    Good luck with your practice goals. Thanks for all your great work.

  4. Hi A., How could I not say anything??? The gratitude I feel right now for the incredibly gracious work and view you’ve brought to your work fills me to the brim. Yes, “my cup runneth over” because you have a permanent place in my heart for the precision and kindness that you have manifested in the work you’ve done for our Centre. And I’ve known you a long time – inside and outside the sangha. I’m comfortable expressing the unabashed love I have for you and being privy to this unfolding and blossoming to which I am witness. Congratulations, my dear friend. And very best wishes as you take this daring leap!

  5. Angie:
    Unfortunately I didn’t have many occasions to get to know you better but the few times we did encounter each other I was impressed by the confidence and calm energy that you radiate. I wish you all the best exploring what awaits you around this bend on your path.

  6. Dear Angie—so great that your antennae are up and the message is clear to take this leap. Wishing you brilliance and courage—
    somewhat tearfully and immeasurably gratefully


  7. Beautiful letter, Angie, and such a beautiful job. You have been kind, available and attentive every moment, and you’ve set things up so well for someone else to continue on your excellent shoulders. Thank you.

  8. Angie,
    Wow! What a great, heartfelt letter. Knowing when to advance and retreat is a sign of true warriorship, and artistry. You humbly made the details and relationships among staff in every WOS course better, every time. Your plunge into intense practice and greater certainty by inviting more uncertainty into your life is the kindest gift of all. Thanks. Cheers, John

  9. Thank you Angie!!
    Your smiling warmth and always availablle hands on deck approach has been inspiring and will surely be missed .
    Wonderful to see you progressing along the path full steam ahead….your a true example of devotion and wide open heart:)

  10. Thank you, Angie, for all of your enthusiasm, inspiration, generosity and encouragement. I hope to see you soon — possibly at Dorje Denma Ling? – Your Garuda Sister, Calandra

  11. When new opportunities arise and your gut feels good, jgo for it. Wherever you go, you will do well; you radiate kindness and goodwill; and you a soft, warm person. My journey at Shambhala this past year has been a real pleasure because you were with me all the way, leading me/us with your encouragement and helpfulness from Levels l – 5. We will look forward to hearing from you in future. Enjoy every day. Thank you, Angie

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