Goodbye Frédo

Photos from our goodbye lhasang for Frédo this afternoon.  P1040735P1040720P1040718        P1040723P1040742 P1040727P1040724

10 thoughts on “Goodbye Frédo

  1. Thank you for all your kindness,spaciousness,and generosity of service Frédéric. It was an honor to share an office with you for 2 plus years. Your snazzy style,sense of humor,espresso, and tireless exertion will be missed by the Halifax Shambhala Center staff,I am certain! All the very best to you in your next employment adventures! “Mimi”

  2. I’m so sorry I missed this farewell lhasang! Frédo was the best blessing to hit the Halifax Shambhala Centre in a very, very long time. His sense of humour, his professionalism, his lungta, his extraordinary eye for the creative all were such a refreshing boost for all of us. And then there is his patience, which seems to have become perfected during the past two-three years. I love this man, and will truly miss his presence at the Centre.

  3. hello and goodbye Fredo,
    I will really miss are warm and wacky and smart and together..A real bright spot for me over the years…I wish you wonderful luck – you deserve it.
    All my best
    Bill Shean

  4. Hi and Goodbye Fredo,
    I will add to all the fond tributes to your service, kindness, and presence at the HSC. You made working on and teaching programs so easy and full of humour. Perhaps some day you will share your reflections of your time there, your reasons for leaving, which is saddening to many of us, and your insights into the HSC human resources policy. Best of luck with all your job searching and general health and well being.
    With fondness

  5. Thank you, Fredo, for your energy, patience and good humour! You are a ray of light that brightens any situation. Best wishes for you and your family.

  6. Fredo, You have been a blessing to us all in your job at HSC. I have no doubt that will continue. I have enjoyed getting to know you and I look forward to seeing you in your modes. Thank you for all your knowledge, patience, diligence, and artistry!

  7. Hi Fredo, thanks for all your support and good cheer over the past few years, it has been a pleasure working with you. Your wonderful family will be happy to have you around more, no doubt. Best of good luck on your future endeavors. Keep in touch. Cheers, Jeanne

  8. Fredo had a light and ironic sense of uniquely graphic humor–always wondered what image would come next. I asked him if there would be a party for him, hoping to speak to his talents. So now to find out it already happened, I feel disappointed.

    Thus let these words stand in honor of his wit and playfulness.

    — db

  9. Hello dear Fredo! We shall now just have to keep our on-going friendship alive beyond the convenience of the HSC! It was a joy to work with you. It’s a joy to be your friend. Phone me! Am just back from Nepal! Does yr. bike have snow tires?!

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