Pits and Picks: Notes from the Kitchen

Yesterday we learned that our beloved dishwasher was broken. We all gasped at the thought of our kitchen without it. Imagine having 40-50 people over for dinner and then having to wash all the dishes by hand. Some attempts were made to fix it. Nothing worked.












Then, just moments before Taste of Shambhala volunteers arrived to start setting up for tonight’s meal, Fhinn and Tim pulled out the dishwasher, and did some magic. It started to work again. Phew! Thank you to Tim and Fhinn for solving the problem and saving us from a dishwashing disaster.

One of the reasons the dishwasher broke down was toothpicks, the other was olive and date pits (yuck). Imagine a gnarly clump of ground up toothpicks and pits clogging up the motor. This might be just the image to hold in your mind when loading the machine.

In other, more exciting news, we have a brand new water filter all hooked up and ready to pour the liquid of life into your glass. Mmmm, good. (And it comes out fast!)

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