Wisdom Council

The purpose of the Wisdom Council is to act as trusted advisors to the Director and provide a direct and steady flow of guidance, support, and recommendations on Halifax Shambhala Centre matters of governance. They offer a variety of viewpoints based on lived experience and by making themselves available to listen to others.  Decision making and implementation continues to reside with the Centre Director.

The Council may advise on matters such as but not limited to:

  • Stategic Plan – Review and provide guidance to the Director on Shambhala Centre priorities and implementation of the Strategic Plan
  • Current Programs – Identify strengths of current programing and areas that need improving for the overall strength and vitality of the Halifax Shambhala Centre .
  • Workplace – Consider workplace development issues and make recommendations with respect to developing an effective, accountable workplace based on dignity, respect, and growth.
  • Collective Wisdom – Increase capacity for collective wisdom based decision making.