The Halifax Shambhala Centre is pleased to announce that it has received a grant of $10,000 to complete the long awaited replacement of our shrine room windows. This donation is among a number of ‘going out of business’ donations that will liquidate the remaining resources of the International Council of Warriors (COW) and the Halifax Kalapa Shambhala Society (HKSS), all announced at the conclusion of the recent Scorpion Seal retreats at Dorje Denma Ling. The other donations include $7000 to Dorje Denma Ling for the construction of a central Drala Court, $2000 to the Kalapa Court for Yun Enhancements and $8000 towards completion of the Sakyong’s Kalapa Valley Scorpion Seal Retreat Cabin. These funds were gathered from proceeds of Kalapa Assemblies and HKSS dues and were stewarded and invested in seed projects serving their organizational missions to advance Shambhala vision, practice and action.

The Council of Warriors and its Warrior General Martin Janowitz were empowered by Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche in 1997 with the mission of re-energizing Shambhala’s world-wide commitment to realize enlightened societies in Nova Scotia and beyond and to promote the essential practices of Shambhala. The Halifax Kalapa Shambhala Society was initially formed as the Shambhala Lodge during the epoch of the Druk Sakyong, Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche. The Society included all Halifax practitioners who had received the authorizations to attend Kalapa Assemblies and to practice the Werma Sadhana and most recently was led by Warriors of the Centre Bob Vogler and Marguerite Drescher. As part of the transition to Shambhala’s current pattern of governance the Council of Warriors, worldwide ‘Lodges’ and Warriors of Centers were retired.

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