Open House – “Taste of Shambhala”

Every relationship contains the seeds of society.

~Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche

Taste of Shambhala

Open House and Community Gathering

Please join us each Wednesday from 6-8:30pm for food, conversation and meditation at the Shambhala Centre.  New visitors as well as members are welcome.

6:00–6:45pm    Soup* (or cookies & tea) & social time — Soup is always vegan and gluten-free
7:00–8:30pm    Meditation practice and discussion

*Please note: starting in February, soup will be served for the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of the month only.
  The other Wednesdays will include cookies & tea during the social time.

Topics of upcoming talks & instructors:

16: Why Meditate – with Shastri Robert Gailey
23: Cultivating Resilience – with Michelle Munro
30: Community – with Shastri Robert Gailey

6: United Nations Interfaith Day: “Courageous Living” – with Shastri Mary Campbell
13: Loving from the Inside Out – with Michelle Munro
20: Precision and Openness – with Shastri Robert Gailey, soup served.
27: Authentic Presence – with Kathryn Heckman, tea & cookies served.

6: Nowness – with Tom Bell, soup served.
13: Kindness – with Shastri Mary Campbell, tea & cookies served.
20: Working with Emotions – with Seth Levinson, soup served.

Everyone is welcome to come and you may leave at any point in the evening.

New visitors as well as members are all welcome to join together as we socialize, practice meditation, and receive teachings.

Starting at 7pm, a session of guided meditation practice, talk, and discussion, is led by a senior teacher of Shambhala.

Come and learn about the variety of programs and opportunities for practice offered here.

There is suggested donation of $5

Contact us for more information or find our location here.