Welcome to Our New Website!

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It is my great pleasure to welcome you to our new website. With an enormous amount of help from our volunteers, Chris Morel and Rickey Pannell, we’ve been able to bring over and edit our content from our older website and add many wonderful additions to this new site. The template for the site was provided by our friends at Blue Mandala and they’ve been very patient with us making this transition. Many, many, thanks to everyone who helped by sending photos, reviewing content and helping us make this a fruition!

Please take a look around and explore the site. We’re still making changes to fine-tune it, so please feel free to leave comments and suggestions here.

With a new love for WordPress,


Rhiannon Wells is the Executive Director of the Halifax Shambhala Centre. She is graduate in pure math and dance improvisation and has a keen interest in mixing things up until they don’t make any sense anymore.

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