Welcome To Our New Membership Coordinator!

Introducing our new Membership Coordinator, Lisa Stickler


Lisa Lee Steckler (Libra-just turned 39)

How long you been in town?
Just over a year. Moved from Vancouver with husband Dylan Smith, son Toby (age 4) and had Charlie (9 months) not long after we moved. And we were recently joined by my mom who moved here from Montana.

What do you like about Halifax?
It feels like a huge exhale. Such good good people. When I go to the mechanic or the grocery store they’ve heard of Shambhala- unreal! Bodies of water everywhere. And graveyards! 

Why take on Membership? 
It’s important to me that people feel a sense of warmth and inspiration at the Halifax Centre. We have so much potential in Halifax mixed with a lot of history and experience and I want to marry those things together more. I’d like to welcome lots of new people and join efforts to make the Centre an inspiring, safe, and lively place to explore and just BE. 

Have you done this before?
I did this in Vancouver – was Membership Coordinator then became one of the Directors. My Co Director and I were told we brought harmony and friendliness to the community which feels like my biggest achievement.

Sociable, curious and lover of trying to create fun events. Plus, I just like people and asking lots of questions. I probably should have been a journalist. Decent dancer. 

Optimistic innocence. I am not very good with numbers and equations or word problems. I can get speedy. 

Favorite Practice
Elixir of Life – Birthday Sadhana

Favourite Song
Down in the Valley by Otis Redding. I already have it requested for my sukhavati (Buddhist funeral). Don’t know it? Go listen to it! And dance. 

What is your plan? 
    •    First, we’ll be doing a Membership Drive this winter.
         The main reason I really want to do this is that it gives me the chance to see how you all are doing and how to engage you more at the centre.
         Are you nourished? What inspires you? What’s fun to you? What do you want to see happen there? And yes, we’ll also be checking in with you to see if you can offer more financial support. But first things first – we need to know how you are. 
    •    We’re sorting through all our materials and practices on/about Membership with the goal to make the invitation to becoming a member more prominent.
    •    Create events that introduce new members to each other, the leadership and greater community.
    •    Membership appreciation!!

We’ll see what else arises from our Membership Dues Drive

See/talk/practice with you all soon and please feel invited to connect with me!

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