Parinirvana Shambhala Archives Exhibit

April 4th

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    Room: Garuda Room

    The Vidydhara said in his will, that his personal belongings should be used to educate future warriors. In honour of his Parinirvana, on April 4th, Shambhala Archives invites you to view and sit with the Vidydhara's personal belongings in celebration of his life. at the Shambhala Centre.  Artifacts will include shrine objects, his personal library books and manuscripts, personal items such as Tbetan and Japanese robes and art. It will take place in the Garuda Room on the upper floor of the Shambhala Centre. Please let us know you are coming. A sign-up is requested to permit social distancing.  You can try to use this google doc, or there will be a sign up sheet at the centre the day of the event.