Solstice Craft Workshop

December 7th

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  • $10 Program Price
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Room: Community Space

In preparation for the Winter Solstice and Shambhala holiday of Children's Day, we'll spend an afternoon making art & crafts in the main shrine room at the Shambhala Centre.

Merry crafters of all ages are welcome to join in the fun!

This is a family friendly community event highlight each year. Catch up with friends and enjoy an afternoon of creativity! 

Some of craft stations to look forward to:

  • Exquisite Fans
  • Dignified Pins/Awards
  • Festive Cards
  • Delightful garland with dehydrated fruit
  • Colorful Candle holders

And no craft workshop would be complete without the Royal Monarch dolls!

We ask for $10 to cover the cost of materials and snacks.


  • We ask parents attend the workshop with their children to help them construct the crafts, where needed.

Please bring the following supplies with your children if they wish to make their own Royal Monarch Dolls (we cannot provide these): 

* 2 empty juice bottles - small. The ideal size is 295 ml., the ideal bottles are "Ocean Spray Cranberry Juice". They come in a six pack, you can share with your friends.

* 2 small size eggs. Please blow out the contents by making a hole (approx. the size of the "o" on your keyboard) with a pin, nail or screw on each end and blowing contents into a cup (for future scrambled eggs). Rinse and dry the eggs. 

* 1 jar for a candle holder that will fit a tea light or votive.