Robert Wright video: Sexual Harm, Trauma, and Healing

November 19th—December 10th

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    Room: Main Shrine Room

    Over the course of 3 evenings, we will watch the videos via Shambhala Online and have time for discussion each evening.  The videos are available for free to all here:

    In the video, Basia Solarz and Acharya Noel McLellan engage in dialogue with Robert Wright, who guides us into an understanding of the depth and pervasiveness of sexual abuse in modern society, the nature and stages of trauma, and ways to move toward a healthier and safer community.

    These gatherings at the Halifax Shambhala Centre are free of charge and open to all.

    The third night's gathering is where the Robert Wright addresses the sexual harm which has recently been reported in Shambhala, and we will leave plenty of time for discussion at this session.

    Robert S. Wright is a social worker and sociologist known best for his work in the fields of sexual abuse, child welfare, trauma, cultural competence, and education.  In this course, Robert shares knowledge and experience that springs from decades of healing work with individuals and communities as well as his perspective as a queer, black, Christian man.  For more on his work see

    Noel McLellan is an acharya or “honoured teacher” in the Shambhala tradition. He is also a school teacher at the Shambhala School, where he is Dean of Mindfulness and Contemplative Learning. Noel is the author of Teaching With Bravery: Meditation and Heart Advice for Teachers, available at He has two children, Gabriel and Esmé, and lives in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

    Basia Solarz, MAdEd, CPCC brings over 25 years’ experience facilitating conversations in educational, workplace, and community settings. Currently, she serves as the Consultant, Communications and Conflict Competence, for the award-winning Workplace Conflict Resolution Program at the Nova Scotia Health Authority. In this role, she offers mediation, conflict coaching, and educational services across the province-wide organization. A Certified Transformative Mediator™ and Fellow of the Institute for the Study of Conflict Transformation (ISCT), Basia is particularly interested in the moral-ethical dimensions of conflict transformation as well as the intersection of adult learning and the transformative approach (Bush & Folger) to working with conflict.