Way of Shambhala Staff/Coordinator training gathering

August 10th

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    Room: Main Shrine Room
    A day of training, exploration, and community in preparation for staffing our next year of Shambhala Training programs at HSC.   Staffing is open to all who have completed Level III and after staffing a weekend or two, you are welcome to be a co-coordinator and then coordinator.  Shambhala training was designed to be experienced from all these different roles, and the teachings deepen as we expand into them.
    Date: Saturday, August 10
    Time: 10am - @4pm; lunch included!
    The morning will focus on staff roles, and the afternoon will focus more on training for program coordinators.  Some of you may want to come only through lunch time, but all are welcome to stay through the day, even if you aren't ready to coordinate yet.
    The day's activities will include understanding the roles such as timekeeper, gatekeeper and water service, learning about the view of staffing from a senior teacher, exercises in developing awareness of our own minds and the environment, and hands on preparation of uplifted meals/receptions, as we all prepare, eat and clean up lunch together.
    It will be delightful to gather and explore the challenges and rewards of staffing together!
    Please RSVP to [email protected] if you will be able to come so we can plan our day.
    Those who have staffed and coordinated in the past are very welcome to come and renew your connection to this path!