Neutral Day cleaning

February 4th

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    Room: Community Space

    The end-of-year practice time concludes two days before Shambhala Day. The day before Shambhala Day, known as Neutral Day, is when we could do a thorough of our homes and Shambhala centres, to lay the ground for the New Year. Cleaning is a way to invoke fresh energy and literally clear away residue of the previous year, regrouping ourselves for a new beginning. It parallels the spiritual practice we did, for instance in Mamo chants, leading up to Shambhala Day. Cleaning our Shambhala centre can be not a chore but a celebration of our good nature.

    Come any time during the day and we will assign you a project. 

    At 5:30 PM we will conclude with a lhasang of all the rooms in the center.