Postponed: The Bigger Game: From Inspiration to Action

with Conner Loomis & Geoff Crinean

January 19th—January 20th

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  • $60 Program Price
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Room: Main Shrine Room


What are we to do in these challenging times? How do we use our meditation practice and turn our inspirations to be of benefit in the world into action?
What we each choose to do needs to be fulfilling and engaging, or we won't do it.
We may not know HOW to do it (Gulp), but taking Bold Action (two of the 9 components of the model) is bound to grow us, and we probably can't do it alone - we'll need Allies. This program offers a simple and direct method for you to find what it is you want to offer, how to develop it, & how to sustain it.
This innovative program will continue to create meaning, conviction, courage, and growth in each of us - in service of others and society. We will explore each of the nine components through a combination of presentations, videos, experiential exercises, and small group interactions. The program is challenging, deepening, fun, and profoundly helpful. We and other Shambhala Warriors have found it to be the ideal basis for deciding on & proceeding with contributions to creating enlightened society. Join us! Be part of a new and growing community within Shambhala, and make whatever sustainable contribution suits your passion, experience, and awakened heart.

Geoff Crinean became a professional coach in 2000, and since then has been especially interested in finding ways from the secular world for Shambhala folk to help create their piece of enlightened society. He feels that The Bigger Game workshop is an outstanding and compatible approach to accomplish this. He is mostly an uncouth Australian (he grew up downunder), but manages to mimic English (he was born there) dignity when necessary. He lives in Halifax with his cat, Zoey. He has been a student of Trungpa Rinpoche & Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche since 1977. He endeavors, with negligible success, to follow their instructions.

Conner Loomis came to coaching in 2001 as a natural evolution from educator, facilitator, clinical therapist, and Jin Shin practitioner in her 45 year journey from Texas to Colorado and Nova Scotia. She has been a student of Trungpa Rinpoche and Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche since 1976, when she moved to Naropa University. Always inspired to assist in growing each person’s potential, she saw The Bigger Game was a natural fit for Shambhala! She became a Bigger Game certified leader & coach in 2004, and feels that now is the time for it to be introduced into Shambhala to further its activities in creating enlightened society.

She lives in Halifax with her two wonderful twin daughters and their family dog, Kido. She speaks fluent Texan.