Illuminating Basic Goodness: How Can I Help? Transforming Self and Society

with Shastri Mary Campbell

April 13th—May 18th (2017)

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Room: Main Shrine Room

Illuminating Basic Goodness:  How Can I Help? (also known as The Basic Goodness of Society) explores our relationships with others and society, and our aspiration to help our world.  We will explore the Shambhala understanding of society and what enlightened society may be.  Is society something that is ultimately confused, or is there goodness in human society? This course will focus on transforming four aspects of society: relations with family (household), professional life, entertainment, and economy.  Shambhala Meditation and the traditional Mahayana practice of “sending and taking” (tong len) will be introduced.

No prerequisite: This course is open to all.

Shambhala Educators (Guides, Assistant Directors, Meditation Instructors and Teachers) are warmly encouraged to attend this course in order to remain up to date on the current Way of Shambhala curriculum and be helpful to students. If you would like to do so, you may register at the discounted tuition of 50%. In the comments section of your registration please indicate that you would like to take advantage of this offer. *

About the Basic Goodness Series

The principle of basic goodness is about how humanity at the core is complete, good, and worthy.  If we can feel confident in our goodness, it will illuminate our life and society.  

~  Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche, The Shambhala Principle:  Discovering Humanity’s Hidden Treasure

The Basic Goodness series offers an experiential approach to the core Shambhala teachings on basic goodness and enlightened society.

Who am I? How can I help? What is real? 

These questions have been central in ancient and modern contemplative traditions.   .
Intended for new and seasoned meditators alike, the Basic Goodness Series explores our lived experience of how these questions apply to everyday life as modern people, living in very specific situations and facing pressing global challenges.  

Illuminating Basic Goodness :  "How Can I Help? is the second of the three courses in the Basic Goodness series. The first course is "Who Am I? The Basic Goodness of Being Human" and the third course is entitled "What is Real? The Basic Goodness of Reality."

** People already engaged in the Way of Shambhala should note the Basic Goodness Series is strongly encouraged before Enlightened Society Assembly , and a pre-requisite for Warrior Assembly and Sacred World Assembly.**