Mahamudra Vipashyana Group Practice Sessions

November 13th—December 3rd

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    Mahamudra Vipashyana Group Practice Sessions

     9 AM-12 Noon, Sundays   **Please note October Session ends at 11:30am

     Format:  We will be using the Dharma Sagara sadhana as the principal guru yoga practice.  The investigations will follow the classical instructions of the Ninth Karmapa.

    “Look at your basic mind, just simple awareness that is not divided into sections, the thinking process that exists within you. Just look at that, see that. Examining does not mean analyzing. It is just viewing things as they are, in the ordinary sense.” --Chogyam Trungpa

    Prerequisites:  All Students who have some experience with the Kagyu Mahamudra course, or have done any Mahamudra retreats or weekends such as those lead by AA John Rockwell, Scott Wellenbach, Richard John, or L L Dorje.  Also Vajrayogini sadhakas are welcome to attend. In addition, students who have received the Ashe Mahamudra are welcome to join in.

    Coordinator: [email protected]