Practice & Education Coordinator – Seeking Applicants for Position



Dear Shambhala Community,

We have a very important position to fill at the Shambhala Center, and that is Practice and Education (P&E) Coordinator.  Here is the announcement and description of this position:  Practice & Education Coordinator – Job Description

The Practice and Education Coordinator is responsible for creating and maintaining the local practice and study container. This includes overseeing and cultivating the ongoing practice and education of both newer and advanced students.

I am pleased that the person who takes this position will be entering a situation where there is already a strong P&E support mandala.  The new P&E Coordinator will work closely with these three: the Publicity Coordinator, the Way of Shambhala Assistant, and the P&E Committee. 

  • Publicity Coordinator – We have been fortunate to have Cyndi Levine in the position of Practice and Education Coordinator, for the past year.  She has served diligently and cheerfully, truly anchoring the P&E pillar in Halifax.  After serving in this post for a year, she is now ready to continue with her work in video and computer graphics. Cyndi has generously offered her considerable skills to be the volunteer Publicity Coordinator for the Centre. In addition, she will continue to coordinate feasts.
  • Way of Shambhala Assistant – We are also fortunate to have Nick Birch step in as the volunteer Way of Shambhala Assistant.  For quite some time, he has been working very effectively to recruit and train staff for WOS programs.
  • Practice & Education (P&E) Committee – A cornerstone of the P&E Pillar is the P&E Committee, initiated by Michelle Munro.  Current members of that committee are: Shastri Mary Campbell, Shastri Bob Gailey, Kathryn Heckman and Linda Kreger.

They will also find that there are many dedicated volunteers — from cooks and hosts for the popular Taste of Shambhala, to leaders of Sunday nyinthuns and daily sitting, to the many teachers, Guides, MI’s, coordinators, and staff — who make our P&E activities possible.

Note that the application deadline is January 24, 2020, as we are hoping to have the P&E Coordinator position filled by Shambhala Day, February 24th, 2020.  We are seeking a full-time person, but if we have qualified applicants who are interested in working part-time, the job can be split into two part-time positions.  

Please help spread the word to fill this very vital Halifax Shambhala Centre staff position, or contact me if you are interested in applying. 

Have a happy snowy January!

With warm good wishes,

Meg Vigerstad
Executive Director
Halifax Shambhala Centre


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