Kitchen renovations will start this summer!

We have exciting news! We will begin phase one of the kitchen reno this summer!

We are thrilled to say the industrial dishwasher will go into the kitchen this summer-I’m sure I don’t need to tell you what a huge difference that will make!

As well, we will be building a beautiful new storage cabinet for shrine objects, in consultation with our shrine keepers. This will be built along the wall outside of the elevator (opposite of the stairwell). Doing this will mean the empty shrine closet can be used for much needed food storage. Due to a lack of storage space, food for programs, like Taste of Shambhala, has to be stored throughout the building in plastic bins.

The rest of the money raised for the kitchen is safely earmarked in our account and will only be used for the kitchen renovations. It is being reserved for when the Strategic Planning Committee has completed it’s community consultations and overall visioning and building recommendations are passed onto the Kalapa Council. While we are quite pleased with our current proposed kitchen design, but there is a feeling there may be considerations that come forth that will affect the outcome and may make future fundraising necessary.

In the meantime, we will enjoy the convenience of a fast, effective dishwasher, additional food storage in the kitchen closet, and new practical storage for our shine objects!

The installing of the dishwasher is possible thanks to general kitchen donations, and the cabinet work will be completed thanks to the generosity of Shambhala Patrons Landy and Laurie Mallery.

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