Health Precaution – Centre Closing & Postponing Activities through April


Dear friends,

Yesterday the  Nova Scotia Department of Health and Wellness gave the directive to limit gatherings and events to slow the potential spread of COVID-19. 

To support this precautionary measure we will do our part by closing and postponing all activity at the Halifax Shambhala Centre. The decision to re-open will be made based upon the current guidelines and best practices made by the Province and health authorities at that time.

These are the factors I took into account when making this decision:

  • It is important to take caution to “flatten the curve” very seriously, as we have a large percentage of members who are seniors, and are in a vulnerable category. 
  • The majority of our volunteers and paid staff are also in an at risk age range.
  • Many of our members are frequent travelers. We know some have come back from international travel before the very recent directive to self quarantine after any International travel (including the USA) was created. 
  • We do not have the capacity to maintain the level of hygiene and sanitization that is reasonably required for a public building under the current circumstances. There is a level of vigilance necessary that would require a much larger paid staff than we currently have. 
  • We have complicated issues associated with providing and serving food for Feast practice.

This is a good time to take advantage of keeping in touch with friends. Use social media and video calling technology if you can. Consider setting up a check-in-with- a- friend schedule.

We will all need support during this groundless period and we all appreciate that someone is thinking about us. If you are inspired to spearhead a community care response for people who need supplies etc, please be in touch.

This is not a decision made lightly, or out of fear. It is about acting in solidarity with other efforts being made throughout Nova Scotia to keep our members and our greater community healthy.

With warm wishes,


Meg Vigerstad
Executive Director
Halifax Shambhala Centre

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