Dorje Kasung

The Protector Principle

The Dorje Kasung is an organization within Shambhala modeled on the ancient tradition of dharma protectors and drala warriors. Its members are trained in protecting the space in which practitioners are able to hear and practice the teachings. The protection extends to the teacher who presents the teachings, the teachings themselves, and the community that practices the teachings.

This can manifest in simple functions like acting as a gatekeeper for the Centre to allow a meditation session to unfold undisturbed or holding a ceremonial role in a ritual. More elaborate functions like planning and executing the transportation of teachers and doing crowd control during large public events are also done by the Dorje Kasung.

In addition, Dorje Kasung can choose to specialize in psychological and physical crisis intervention, personal and building security, or ongoing personal service to lineage holders.

Victory over War

Dorje Kasung training strengthens our capacity to work with heightened and chaotic situations (in our mind or in our environment), and to find non-aggressive means to solve conflicts.

The motto of the Dorje Kasung is “Victory over War”. War represents the struggle created by the three “poisons” identified by the Buddha: grasping, aggression and ignorance. Victory is acknowledging these poisons and meeting them with insight and loving kindness.

Dorje Kasung Commander Series

Amanda Hester Rupon, GES Regional Commander, is offering these town talks as a series of educational Kasung talks, by various presenters, intended to raise awareness by exploring a number of common “cultural boundaries”. Topics will include intersectionality, gender, racism, mental health and mental illness, able-ism/physical challenges and disabilities, and many other topics. It is important for all Kasung to become curious and educated around these issues in order to do their duty and serve more skillfully.

While this series is educational training for Kasung, everyone is welcome to attend. Uniform for Kasung is 4C (Town with khaki pants or skirt).

We are pleased to share recordings of these recent talks in the Kasung Commander’s Series.  Note that all recordings can be accessed from the Great Eastern Sun Command audio sound cloud page.